Sebastian G. Had Gastric Sleeve Surgery with Dr. Jeremy Korman

I know I need to focus on the outcome and realize no matter how hard it is, that the results are worth it.

Sebastian G.

I came to Marina Weight Loss Center weighing 260 pounds. I realized early that I needed to do something to change the trajectory of my life, in order to prolong it. In January of 2018, I had the gastric sleeve procedure with Dr. Korman. This has been a year of self-discovery for me, and so far I have lost over 75 pounds! It’s quite the challenge to get used to a new diet and an exercise program. However, the results are incredible and wanting them to be better and better keep me going. To anyone considering weight loss surgery, I would tell you to always have a clear picture of your weight goals in your mind. For me personally, any other sort of motivation fails in comparison to knowing what I can have if I put in the work to get it.

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