Kyle Turley Had Lumbar Microdiscectomy with Dr. Robert Watkins IV

Kyle Turley image

I had to follow a rehabilitation program that Dr. Watkins put together pretty much our first meeting. He was very much interested in the way that I lived both my day-to-day and my professional life and it made for a speedy recovery when he slightly adjusted my choices.

Kyle Turley

Not only did my back problem caused me pain personally, but it also cost me professionally. I remember being in pain during a training session and it was so bad that I could not even attempt to hide it from the others. I failed a physical examination because of it and I was put in the injured reserve. I was pretty mad about it but it was the right thing to do.

I started working with Dr. Robert Watkins of whom I had heard before. I knew he was good, that’s why I went to him. He was also there for me when I had to have surgery for a herniated disc and I thought he did a fantastic job. It was a no brainer to request his services again with my back problems. He immediately knew what needed to be done, which was great. He put me on a pretty strict rehabilitation program, but I wanted to be feeling good again so I trusted every decision that he made.

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