Markeisha B. Had Gastric Sleeve Surgery with Dr. Jeremy Korman

Markeisha B. image

I’m no stranger to the Marina Weight Management Clinic. I actually work as Dr. Korman’s surgical nurse and have assisted in numerous bariatric procedures.

Markeisha B.

In April of 2017, at a starting weight of 255 pounds, I made a life-changing decision to have the gastric sleeve procedure. Since then, I have lost nearly 100 pounds and I am living life to the fullest. I’m proud I can say I am no longer the big girl in the room. It’s like you know everybody is thinking it but they just have the decency to move past it. I still felt it was my burden to deal with and I feel better for having taken the initiative. It helps a lot to have a well-established support system in order to know you have people that care about you and about your journey enough to keep you on track. Some days are harder than others and some challenges are more difficult to confront than others, and so I think that having someone scolding you, comforting you, encouraging you or simply just listening to you can make a difference.

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