Troy Percival Had Lumbar Microdiscectomy with Dr. Robert Watkins IV

My back was messed up and I got help from Dr. Watkins and his team at the Marina Spine Center. They're an impressive bunch! I feel very grateful that they were there for me before, during and after the intervention. They did wonders for my back.

Troy Percival

I found out that I had to have surgery on my back. I was going to be missing out on a lot of things, but sometimes stuff like this happens. It is what it is. I was glad to have Dr. Watkins from Marina Hospital performing the surgery. I had heard of him helping quite a few others that do what I do for a living so I definitely trusted his experience.  

We talked a lot prior to the intervention which I think was a good thing for me because it kind of prompted me into the right state of mind, so to speak. I put my faith in him and the staff at the Marina Spine Center and looking back it was the right decision. The operation ended up being a success and I was very happy to have my back on its way to healing. It was kind of on me, after the surgery, to stick to his instructions to get better.

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