Dave Winfield Had Lumbar Microdiscectomy with Dr. Robert Watkins IV

Dave Winfield image

I was in surgery for four hours and then I was hospitalized for a few more days. I am very grateful to those that have assisted me throughout the entire process. Dr. Watkins was great, the staff was equally awesome, and the Marina Spine Center has some really cool technology to help them out with diagnosis and treatment.

Dave Winfield

I had to have a herniated disc removed. I was not afraid, honestly, because I had talked to Dr. Watkins extensively beforehand. I had a proper inspection and together we devised a plan to see what would be the best way to go. I just had to get rid of the pain. It was taking over my whole life. We also put together a rehabilitation plan that I had to follow.

As I have learned from Dr. Watkins, a great part of a successful healing process has to do with how you behave after the procedure is over. I whole-heartedly trusted his judgment and I tried my best to stick to his instructions for a speedy recovery. The surgery only lasted about four hours and then I was in the hospital for a few more days to make sure that I was making good progress. 

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