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Why Choose Spine Surgery at Marina Del Rey Hospital?

From conservative, non-surgical pain management options to the latest and most advanced surgical techniques available anywhere, Marina Del Rey Hospital offers you an unsurpassed, comprehensive array of spine services to restore your mobility and ease your pain.

At Marina Del Rey Hospital, you get direct access to world-class spine surgeons — and the best of today's most advanced technology. Our surgical suites are equipped with the latest diagnostic imaging technology and innovative surgical tools for precise operations. Our extraordinary BrainLAB NaviVision® and Curve® 3D navigation systems provide highly accurate three-dimensional views of your spine's intricate anatomy.

You'll receive superior medical care from every member of your spine-services team, from experienced anesthesiologists, pain-management physicians, and nursing staff to the physical therapists who guide you through your rehabilitation and recovery. We even provide custom concierge services ranging from travel help to family activities. Whether your issues are affecting your neck, mid-back or lower back, you'll find Marina Del Rey Hospital is devoted to restoring your functionality and returning you to your active life.

In the age of healthcare transparency, we have focused our efforts on measuring our results as a way to consistently drive performance improvement.

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Spine Surgery Benefits

  • No more painkillers, less drug side effects
  • Improved physical function
  • Improved physical fitness
  • Improved quality of life
  • Ability to return to full activity

The Marina Spine Center is the multidisciplinary spine services center within Marina Del Rey Hospital. The world-renowned spine surgeons of Marina Spine Center offer unsurpassed expertise for easing your debilitating back pain. Our multidisciplinary team includes renowned spinal surgeons Robert G. Watkins III, M.D., Robert G. Watkins IV, M.D., and David Chang, M.D. Our specialists are dedicated to delivering unsurpassed medical excellence at every phase of treatment, beginning with the latest diagnostic tools available.

For best-in-class spine care, turn to the medical experts trusted by athletic professionals, Olympic medalists, and others who seek every advantage in pursuit of optimal health.

Foraminal Stenosis

The narrowing of the cervical disk space is called foraminal stenosis.

Warning signs and symptoms of this condition are slowly developing pain, which is not continuous, probably related to a certain activity.

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Sciatica or otherwise called radiculopathy occurs when the sciatic nerve causes pain due to its compression.

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Spondylolisthesis involves the slipping of the vertebra in relation to the vertebrae causing low back pain and leg pain.

Treatment options include bracing, epidural spinal injection, medication and surgery.

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The pathology of the spinal cord is defined by the term myelopathy. Common symptoms of this condition are: clumsiness, weakness, sensory deficits, sexual dysfunctions.

Treatment options for myelopathy include surgery.

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Spinal Stenosis

The term stenosis means narrowing and in this situation shows the narrowing of the spinal canal. This narrowing causes neurological disorders causing pain, numbness, loss of motor control.

Treatment options include pain management, physical therapy, steroid injections and surgery.

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Herniated Disc

The term herniation shows an abnormal "bulging" of an inter-vertebral disk. Common symptoms, which show that disk herniation might be involved are: pain, muscular weakness, tingling.

Treatment options include physical therapy, medication and in rear cases surgery.

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Degenerative Disc Disease

DDD or Degenerative Disk Disease involves the drying out of the inter-vertebral disk interior.

The most common symptoms of DDD include neck and back pain, which can radiate to the arm or the leg. Treatment options besides pain management if the pain persists is surgery.

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Adult Scoliosis

Scoliosis marks an abnormal curvature of the spine. If a person has the shoulders and hips at different height this shows the possibility of suffering from scoliosis.

Treatment options depending on the severity of this condition include physical therapy, occupational therapy, and surgery.

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Associated Procedures

Vertebral Compression Fractures

The term Vertebral Compression Fracture marks the collapse of a vertebra in the spine. It is often caused when a person falls from considerable height, has a car accident or other kind of trauma, when suffers from osteoporosis or has a tumor on that area of the spine.

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Radiculopathy or sciatica occurs when one or more nerves in the lumbar area do not work properly causing radicular pain.

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Spine Surgeons on Staff at Marina Del Rey

The highly respected spine surgeons at Marina Del Rey Hospital rank among the most qualified specialists in the world. Their expertise is supported by state-of-the-art technologies and a dedicated treatment team of highly trained professionals who specialize in every aspect of today’s most sophisticated spinal care.

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