Cornelia G. Had Laparoscopic Appendectomy with Dr. Daniel Marcus

Cornelia G. testimonial

I was concerned about the scars, but to be honest I don't even notice them anymore and every day they get less visible and they haven't affected my work as a model and an actress at all.

Cornelia G.

I think that a procedure such as this one is nothing to be brushed off, especially if what you do for a job can be affected by it. I’m a model, so it was very much a thing of concern. My main worry was not even the surgery, to be honest with you, but the possible ways in which scars could appear. I’m happy to say that I had the intervention. Things are great now. I did research before the surgery, I wanted to know what other people that had the surgery are saying about the healing process. Everyone says that you can’t even see the scars, and I can tell for a fact now that mine are barely there to see. The most important thing for me is that they have not caused a problem for me at work. I was back to living my normal life just 3 weeks after it.

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