David Bell Had Epidural Injection with Dr. Robert Watkins IV

Dr. Watkins gave me an epidural injection for this pain that I had in my lower back and I could tell the difference immediately. I came to the Marina Spine Center because I needed some opinions to get rid of the pain. They delivered.

David Bell

I went to see Dr. Watkins at the Marina Spine Center. I was in pretty bad shape and I had an appointment scheduled with the best spine doctor in LA. He had ordered an MRI exam and X-rays on my lower back where I had been feeling pain. They came back better than I expected them to be. I suspected a herniated disc as the cause of my discomfort or some sort of stress fracture but it was not the case.

I think I might have just been pushing myself a little too much and needed to take it easy for a while before I truly did some damage. Dr. Watkins gave me an epidural injection and right away I was able to detect an improvement. It could be something from a previous injury, who knows. I’m lucky to have Dr. Watkins.

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