Johnny Holland Had Neck Consultation with Dr. Robert Watkins IV

Johnny Holland image

My neck feels better but I wanted to see Dr. Watkins and get his approval. Of course, I want to get back to training but I’m going to listen to whatever he tells me to do. Following his advice has been great for me so far, so there’s no reason not to do it.

Johnny Holland

Dr. Watkins of Cedars-Sinai Marina Hospital performed cervical fusion surgery on me and I had come back for him to examine the progress. I’m itching to play again but I will obviously be doing whatever he instructs me to do so that it wouldn’t have all been in vain. I’d like to go back to the team in full form, especially since I’ve been missing for quite some time due to rehabilitation.

I do feel better though. I’m glad I trusted Dr. Watkins with the operation. It was scary when he first introduced the idea to me but he was there to sort of calm me down. He walked me through the whole procedure before I even set foot into the operating room. Rehab is a slow process and it can get quite frustrating at times but it completes the surgery so you’ve got to do it.

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