Steve Trachsel Had Back Consultation with Dr. Robert Watkins IV

I did the stupid thing that you do when you ignore your obvious pain and pretend it’s not there in order to be able to continue to play. It only made the pain worse. I don’t know what was I thinking. I have Dr. Watkins from the Marina Spine Center help me fix it.

Steve Trachsel

After I had been in pain from an injury on my lower back I decided it was finally time to be doing something about it. I had a meeting with Dr. Robert Watkins who is among the top spine surgeons when it comes to professional athletes. I was excited to have him investigate the issue. What I think happened, and I’ve told Dr. Watkins about it, is that I probably hurt myself somehow and let it go untreated.

I continued to train and to play through the pain and it most likely led to me suffering from this discomfort now. I should have known better and I encourage everyone not to make the same mistake I did. Go talk to a professional about your injury, they can offer you qualified advice and they can help you prevent it from repeating in the future.

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