Joe Crede Had Back Surgery with Dr. Robert Watkins IV

Joe Crede image

Dr. Watkins did a wonderful job. He had to perform surgery on my back which was not exactly something I was looking forward to but he knows what he's doing as I've been told and then had the opportunity to see for myself. I fully encourage anyone to get help from him.

Joe Crede

I went to Dr. Watkins at the Marina Spine Center to figure out what I was going to have to do with my back. It was causing me a lot of pain and I was growing more and more afraid of what kind of damage I was doing to myself by not having it addressed in one way or another. I had a thorough examination with Dr. Watkins and he told me that he needed to operate on my back if I wanted things to get any better.

He said that he would basically have to drain fluid from around two herniated discs in my lower back. I had only heard good things about the practice of Dr. Watkins so there were no issues on that front. I was a bit worried about rehab. I was told I was going to have to be benched for about two months. I had to commit.

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Beyond a chance to express my gratitude for Dr. Melamed.

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I had my herniated disc procedure performed by Dr. Watkins.

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Our patient had a back procedure performed by Dr. Robert Watkins IV.

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"Zero pain after a triple laminectomy with Dr. Robert Watkins III."

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The doctors said it was something they had to do.

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I needed to trust the process.

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I thought I needed surgery in order to fix myself. I didn't.

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I had worked with Dr. Robert Watkins before.