Cindy K. Had Robotic Hysterectomy with Dr. David Ghozland

Cindy K. testimonial

I would definitely recommend this procedure to someone, and I already have recommended it to anyone I hear who is having an issue. I just think that Dr. Ghozland is wonderful. I feel like he’s saved my life, twice now!

Cindy K.

I was nervous at the beginning, but Dr. Ghozland eased those anxieties by giving me thorough information about the procedure and inviting me to do further research for myself. The technique sounded like what I was looking for from the beginning. I made it clear that I was interested in something with as little chance for complications as possible. I needed to be back on my feet as soon as possible. So I went into surgery with those promises. After the procedure, I went home later that same evening, and was up and walking around right away. I was up every hour and walking, as the nurse recommended, 200 steps. And that’s exactly what I did, counting 200 steps walking in circles in the house. I only felt a minor discomfort. There was only minimal bleeding, I was just amazed! The weeks after surgery went as smoothly as I hoped for. I did not experience any severe side effects, any type of complication whatsoever. My stomach went back to normal, and I could see my abs starting to come back, I was thrilled! I was working out within a couple of weeks.