Rafael Furcal Had Back Surgery with Dr. Robert Watkins IV

I feel much better. I was hesitant at first, I must admit, to even get a proper check-up and finally have a diagnosis. These things are scary, but I would say for me, at least, it was worth it to get the help that I knew I needed. Dr. Watkins did an incredible job.

Rafael Furcal

The pain got to the point in which I felt it was impossible for me anymore to train and play the way I wanted to be able to do it. It might have been all in my head, I’m sure no one was judging me, but I was disappointed with myself nonetheless. There was just this discomfort that kept happening and it came from the back of my left leg.

I finally decided that I had to see Dr. Robert Watkins at the Marina Center and figure out exactly what was wrong and how we could make it better. After the consultation, I was informed by Dr. Watkins that I would have to have surgery performed in order to stabilize my back which was what was causing the issues with my leg as we’ve discovered.

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