Rob Gronkowski Had Lumbar Microdiscectomy with Dr. Robert Watkins IV

You could say I am not the most fortunate individual when it comes to keeping myself safe. I get injured a lot and then with the injuries appear complications. I'm grateful to Dr. Watkins because he fixed my back and my faith in getting proper medical help.

Rob Gronkowski

I’m no stranger to injuries. I’ve had quite a few in my career, but it really does not mean that I somehow do not fear them or the outcome of bad treatment. I actually had four surgeries, all to fix my arm when I broke it because a pretty bad infection developed and instead of spending time trying to recover, I was talking to doctors about how it was getting worse so that we can figure out how to deal with the complications.

I knew very well what it is like to have someone mess up, which is why I was insistent on Dr. Watkins being the one to operate on my herniated disc. I was familiar with the work that he’s done for big names in sports. The surgery went great. Dr. Watkins is really the best and the staff he works with is also wonderful.

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