Bob Sura Had Lumbar Microdiscectomy with Dr. Robert Watkins IV

I am very grateful to the Marina Spine Center, to Dr. Watkins and to the wonderful staff there. These people do a fantastic job. If you're the reluctant to go to the hospital type, they'll understand that and they'll do their best to work with you.

Bob Sura

I injured myself as I was doing what I would call a routine workout. It wasn’t even anything especially straining, but it happens, I guess. I had to be benched, which did not please me, but that’s how things are in this line of work. I was sent to Marina Hospital where I met Dr. Watkins. I feel like my whole outlook in regard to the circumstances changed after that. I quit the complaining and the whining and I was ready to fully participate in my recovery.

I was told that they found a herniated disc in my lower back and that I would need to have surgery. Luckily, Dr. Watkins was there to reassure me that it is indeed the best course of action to take. He explained to me how the operation would be approached and he also let me know that he will be overseeing the recovery process as well so that I would not be concerned.

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