David Wilson Had Neck Rehabilitation with Dr. Robert Watkins IV

David Wilson image

I was thrilled at the news that I would not have to undergo any surgical intervention. I was a bit shocked at first because the pain that I was feeling didn't seem to match with the treatment, but Dr. Watkins assured me that it would the best course of action.

David Wilson

I had injured my neck pretty badly. There was no doubt in my mind that I was going to have to think about surgery. My team agreed. But I went to Marina Hospital and I had a consultation with Dr. Watkins IV. The more we talked, the more relief I felt. He told me that it could be fixed without any intervention. I was over the moon.  He presented me with all these non-surgical treatment options.

I’m grateful that he took the time to explain to me how each option would work for my situation specifically. It’s not the kind of knowledge that any non-professional just have in their head, but I thought Dr. Watkins did a wonderful job at keeping me on board. It turns out I only had to be going to these sessions of physical therapy for my neck to be better. And a bit of rest, of course.

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