Uwe Krupp Had Lumbar Microdiscectomy with Dr. Robert Watkins IV

Uwe Krupp image

It was bad because I had no sensation in my left foot. I remember trying to skate in spite of it but I just could not stand up. With every move I tried, I kept falling over. I was very concerned, everybody was, which is why I was immediately sent to Dr. Robert Watkins.

Uwe Krupp

I twisted the wrong way and that was it. The next morning I woke up and I instantly knew something was not right because I felt like there was no sensation in my left foot, yet I didn’t remember specifically hurting my foot. But that is how the issue appeared. Like I tried standing and skating and I couldn’t properly do either.

We knew of Dr. Robert Watkins and I was set for consultation in no time. I was quite surprised by the diagnosis. Dr. Watkins told me upon inspection that he identified hernia between the L4 and L5 discs in my back. He told me more about how this issue would cause problems with my leg. That hernia was causing the numbness in my left foot. My first thought was how glad I was that it wasn’t anything worse. I had to have surgery performed, but Dr. Watkins is a professional and all went well.

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