Darryl Sutter Had Robotic Surgery with Dr. Daniel Marcus

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Being a former player, I’ve had lots of different orthopedic surgeries done and I wish they could have done some of those this way. The pain is minimal, the cuts are barely there and the recovery time is absolutely unbelievable. I was excited to be back to full health so quickly.

Darryl Sutter

I give full credit to the daVinci surgical procedure done by Dr. Daniel Marcus at the MDRH. I believe it was the single reason why I was able to return to the ice in full force. I suffered from multiple hernias, and it was greatly limiting my abilities. Yet less than a week after undergoing surgery with the DaVinci system, I was back in full health and ready to coach the team. The Kings won the Stanley Cup and I was ready for many more achievements.

The procedure itself, now common in the United States, relies on small incisions and robotic instruments, allowing doctors more precision with less invasive strategies. Dr. Marcus greatly prefers the daVinci robotic system because it has time and time again shown to lead to less pain and much shorter recovery time.

Unfortunately, robotic surgery has received a decent amount of bad press due to an FDA investigation into robotic systems. However, I've learned that the 1% complication rate when using the system is not far off from what a more traditional laparoscopic surgery would offer. The bad press did nothing to dissuade me from pursuing the daVinci treatment option. I recommend it.


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