Joffrey Lupul Had Lumbar Microdiscectomy with Dr. Robert Watkins IV

I had made up my mind that I wanted Dr. Watkins to perform the surgery as we were looking into different ways of dealing with the situation. We had, at least, figured out who was going to be in charge of my recovery. I feel like that's the most important part.

Joffrey Lupul

Being benched was hard. But at the same time, it’s not like I had any other choice. It was a health problem, and if you don’t deal with it, it will only get worse. I knew I had a herniated disc that needed attention and for that, I went to Marina Hospital specifically to see Dr. Watkins. I knew him as a great spine doctor and that was enough to make me schedule a visit there.

Dr. Watkins told me about what the procedure would involve and he also let me know that a successful surgery was not the end of it. He told me that I had to put in some serious work during rehabilitation if I wanted to come back to the game in top form. I listened to every word that man spoke and everything ended up working out great. I highly recommend his services.

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