Casey Blake Had Cervical Microdiscectomy with Dr. Robert Watkins III

It's no joke to have neck pain. It's pretty insufferable physically, but if you let it go unattended long enough, it most certainly takes a toll on your mental state as well. It makes it hard to work, it makes it hard to enjoy things, to relax. I'd say correct it as soon as you catch it.

Casey Blake

I feel like the most frightening part was when I was still thinking about what kind of action I was going to take in regard to the issues I had with my neck. I didn’t want just anyone poking around in there and then to have to pay the price for some botched operation. Don Mattingly, my manager, scheduled an appointment at Marina Hospital with Dr. Watkins III precisely because he knew I had this fear of somehow making the problem worse.

He knew I needed to be seen by someone who had a large experience in the matter because it was the only way to get me to be open to fixing my neck. I am so happy to have gone through with the meeting. Dr. Watkins performed surgery to relieve pressure on a nerve that was causing me pain.

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