Al Wilson Had Neck Rehabilitation with Dr. Robert Watkins IV

Al Wilson image

It's important to me to be able to gain an understanding of the problems that I am facing so that I can arm myself with the proper tools to overcome them. Dr. Watkins from Marina Hospital took his time providing the explanations that I needed to work on my neck injury.

Al Wilson

It comes with the job they say, the injuries and the pain but gritting your teeth through it is not something that should be regarded with praise. It’s really nothing that should be seen as a symbol of strength, although in sports, unfortunately, I feel like it’s the case more often than not for athletes to not address the issue right away. It’s an unhealthy way of thinking.

We should instead make room for the idea that there are professionals out there that have trained hard so that they would be able to help. With my neck injury, I worked with Dr. Robert Watkins at Marina del Rey Hospital and I think of it as an incredible learning experience. They were a team of professionals that were willing to help with just about anything.

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