Doug Mientkiewicz Had Lumbar Discectomy with Dr. Robert Watkins IV

Doug Mientkiewicz image

I had a herniated disc that was causing me a lot of discomfort. I had to have surgery for it and so I made an appointment at the Marina Spine Center. Dr. Watkins was in charge. He did a wonderful job and I feel great.

Doug Mientkiewicz

I was in pain and I was also losing strength in one of my legs even though I did not remember doing anything in particular that would hurt my leg. I went to Marina Hospital where I had a consultation with Dr. Robert Watkins, who is a spine expert and has treated other athletes. He told me that I had a herniated disc that needed immediate attention.

The situation was pretty serious because of the fact that I was losing strength in my leg, which meant it was more advanced than I thought. I have no idea if I could have had this diagnosed earlier if I paid a bit more attention. I certainly will be more careful. Dr. Watkins performed the surgery and it went perfectly and smoothly. I only had to be focused on doing a good job with the recovery.

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