Henry T. Had Microlaminotomy with Dr. Robert Watkins IV

I've had five surgeries, all at different hospitals and with different doctors, and by far, this is the best facility I have attended and the best doctors you can get.

Henry T.

Firefighting is a job that requires a lot from you. You always have to be ready, mentally and physically. It's very hard work. It can take a toll on your back. In my case, doing this job left me with chronic pain. It’s hard to enjoy life when chronic pain becomes a part of it. Then, I had a procedure done at Marina Del Rey Hospital by Dr. Robert Watkins IV, and ever since, life has been much more pleasant. I have to say that the back problem was serious enough for me that I was considering disc replacement surgery. Instead, Dr. Watkins recommended a microlaminotomy. That’s a minimally invasive procedure done to remove a piece of bone in a vertebra that is pressing on the spinal nerves. The procedure was performed, and it has successfully relieved pressure within the spinal column, alleviating pain. The charge nurse and two other nursing-staff members all came in within five minutes of each other to introduce themselves and offer help. And if help was requested, it was delivered.

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Beyond a chance to express my gratitude for Dr. Melamed.

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