Steve McNair Had Lumbar Microdiscectomy with Dr. Robert Watkins IV

Steve McNair image

For me, it was an important lesson to learn. You get hurt, you go to a professional and let them assess the damage. Don't self-diagnose for whatever reasons. I understand it's only human to do so, but there are people who have trained their entire life for that. Let them help you.

Steve McNair

One accidental wrong move and I was in pain. It happened during training and I tried to brush it off, but looking back that was a stupid idea. Don’t do what I did! Do not wait. What I felt was spasms and stiffness in my back, but upon a proper medical inspection it turns out I had damaged myself quite badly. Dr. Watkins at the Marina Spine Center was in charge of my treatment and of my recovery.

He right away told me that I had a ruptured disc in my back and it was in a far worse condition than I was letting it show. Walking into the consultation, it did not even cross my mind that it would end in surgery, but I was advised to have surgery if I wanted any good outcome. My point is to not wait and go get checked. Scary or not, at least you know that you are actively asking for help when you need it.

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