Jeff D. Had Hernia Repair with Dr. Daniel Marcus

Jeff D. testimonial

I couldn't keep on with my activities like running or surfing, I had to keep pushing my hernia back in every half hour and it really slowed me down. Within two weeks after the surgery I felt great, after two months I took a surf trip to Mexico.

Jeff D.

For me, I feel like it was a little more complicated because I made it that way. I wasted more time than I like to admit between the moment when I discovered my hernia and the moment that I decided to do something about it. It felt like I was putting my life on standby for an issue that was never going to simply get better with time passing. Just 2 weeks after the surgery I was feeling amazing. I should have done it sooner. I only have 3 tiny scars on my stomach, and you’d have to really be looking for them to find them. I’ve always been a very active person and I was very happy to be able to resume all my activities that soon. There’s nothing that can stop me now.

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