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Succes Stories


Cornelia had a laparoscopic appendectomy with Dr. Daniel Marcus at Marina Del Rey Hospital.


Jeff discovered that he had a hernia and he came to see Dr. Daniel Marcus and had his hernia repaired at Marina Del Rey Hospital.

Successful Triple Laminectomy

From severe pain to zero pain — that was one patient's experience after undergoing triple laminectomy with Dr. Robert Watkins III.

No Longer In A Wheelchair

"Before I had spine surgery, I was wheelchair-bound. If I hadn't had surgery by Dr. Watkins Jr., I probably would have ever gotten out of the wheelchair again."


"Before seeing Dr. Watkins Jr., I had tremendous pain in my lower back," said Jodi, a patient at Marina Del Rey Hospital's spine center.


Fighting fires is heroic — and it's very hard work. It can take a toll on the back. In the case of one Bakersfield firefighter, it left him with chronic pain.

The Colone Family

Marina Del Rey Hospital bariatric surgeon, Dr. Michael Feiz, recently had the once-in-a-lifetime chance to help a whole family improve their health.


From start to finish, Dr. Ghozland and the Da Vinci robotic surgery system worked wonders for Cindy, who needed a hysterectomy.

Kiva Colman-Bias

After a year of pain and discomfort, it only took a few weeks for Kiva Colman-Bias to find relief at Marina Del Rey Hospital.


“The bigger I was the smaller my life was.” Rachel is only 6 weeks post-op and has already lost 40 lbs! She feels like this is the first time she has had control over her weight and her portion sizes. She’s already more active, and more social.


Scott lost 100 pounds in 100 days! Since then, his life has been amazingly different. He continues to follow the program prescribed to him by Marina Del Rey Hospital and has seen dramatic results.


Sandra is going into her fourth year post-op and is continuing to lose weight. Losing the weight has had a positive impact on her health conditions. Her symptoms are under control.


Nikki had surgery over 7 years ago and has maintained her weight loss through two pregnancies. Her surgery gave her the opportunity to continue to enjoy food without obsessing over it.


Mark was 330 lbs for many years. He made the decision to have Gastric Bypass after years of struggling to lose weight and trying multiple diets. He wanted something that was going to be a permanent fix to his obesity and allow him to keep the weight off long term.


Marinna can't get enough of her new designer jeans! After years of struggling with weight she underwent LAP-BAND surgery at Marina Del Rey Hospital. Surgery has made her a happier and healthier person. “It’s the best thing I ever did.”


Because of Edward’s size before surgery, he was concerned about the safety of his surgery. Marina Del Rey Hospital is a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence with a long track record of safety and successful outcomes.


In the summer of 2008 Rosalie went on a trip with her great nephews. She was extremely embarrassed to have to request a seat belt extension and decided, “That was it!”


Katherine is a nurse and did very thorough research before deceiving to have surgery. She wanted the best team, the best surgery and the best hospital to take care of her. The Marina Weight Loss Center and Marina Del Rey Hospital had the best evidenced practices from a medical and nursing perspective.


Conquering weight loss was a difficult struggle for Hua, she was overweight her whole life. For many years, she thought obesity was her lot in life and was developing health problems associated with her weight. She chose Marina Del Rey Hospital because it was a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence.


Bariatric Surgery has changed Kimberly’s life. She was always written off as the “big boned” sister and told to “finish her plate.” Now, as the weight started coming off, Kimberly’s self esteem began to improve.


Since her Gastric Bypass surgery CJ’s relationship with food has completely changed. She is able to enjoy her food more because she only eats nutritious foods that she enjoys and is far more conscious of the amount of food she is eating. Gastric Bypass has been a tool for CJ to overcome her weight.

Ken Faciane

For me, the road to weight loss surgery was a long one. It took a lifetime of obesity before I finally made the choice to have surgery. Once that decision was made, I had a long battle with insurance companies and other surgical weight loss centers to finally qualify for Gastric Bypass surgery.

Marie Layne

I credit weight-loss surgery, Marina Weight Loss, and Dr. Korman, as well as myself and my own hard work, for a complete turnaround in my life. Like anyone suffering from severe obesity, I had choices. Mine were: Do I live in fear, or do I take a risk? As I said earlier, I chose to take the risk.

Jonathan Quick

I can safely say that, after with the quality of the surgery and subsequent timetable from Dr. Watkins, I now feel 100%. After playing for a whole year, my back feels better than ever.

Lena Borrowman

After years of trying every weight loss fad, exercise craze, diet, pill, and ‘instant trick’, Dr. Korman and I decided on a gastric bypass. However, he warned me that the surgery was only the beginning; the real battle would have to be won against old bad habits and coping mechanisms.

Beverly Rutherford

Beyond a chance to express my infinite gratitude for Dr. Melamed and the entire Marina Del Rey Hospital team, I would like to take the opportunity to send out a message to those in chronic pain. BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE.

Mary Taylor

The day the surgery arrived I felt comfortable and excited because I had all the facts. I can’t say enough about the quality of service provided at the Marina Del Rey Hospital.

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