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At Marina del Rey Hospital, you are connected to best-in-class physicians across a variety of specialities and have access to today's more advanced surgical techniques. Do you want to know more about Marina del Rey Hospital from real people? Hear directly from those who have had experience at our hospital.

Spine Center Patient Testimonials

Aaron Miller

Miller was checked out by back specialist Dr. Robert Watkins.

Adam Graves

Graves saw Dr. Watkins about his herniated disc.

Ahmad Bradshaw

After injuring himself, Ahmad Bradshaw needed surgery.

Al Iafrate

Al Iafrate underwent back surgery for his sciatic nerve damage.

Al Wilson

Al Wilson was cleared to return to the field by Dr. Robert Watkins.

Alfredo Griffin

Dr. Robert Watkins performed surgery on Griffin's back.

Arian Foster

Arian Foster had to take a few weeks off for recovery.

Austin Croshere

Croshere went to see back specialist Dr. Robert Watkins.

Beverly R.

Beyond a chance to express my gratitude for Dr. Melamed.

Bob Sura

Sura was in rehabilitation for about eight weeks.

Brad Ausmus

Ausmus learned that he needed surgery on his back.

Brady Quinn

Brady Quinn underwent back surgery.

Carlos Guillen

Guillen is confident he'll bounce back from his back issues.

Casey Blake

Blake was in a neck brace for a few weeks.

Charles Tillman

Dr. Watkins removed a piece of disc fragment from his lower back.

Chris Galippo

Chris Galippo saw Dr. Robert Watkins for back problems.

Chris Samuels

Samuels underwent treatment and evaluation with Dr. Robert Watkins.

Craig Wilson

Wilson's back is better this year after undergoing surgery.

D'Andre Bell

D’Andre Bell underwent laminoplasty at Marina del Rey Hospital.

Dan Marino

Marino met with Dr. Robert Watkins for a second opinion.

Daniel Hackett

I thought I needed surgery in order to fix myself. I didn't.

Darryl Strawberry

"The operation went very well," Dr. Robert Watkins stated.

Dave Ball

I needed to trust the process.

Dave Winfield

Winfield had surgery at Marina Hospital in Los Angeles.

Davey Johnson

Davey Johnson was examined by Dr. Robert Watkins.

David Bell

David Bell received an epidural injection from Dr. Watkins.

David Wilson

Wilson thought he needed neck surgery.

Doug Mientkiewicz

Mientkiewicz underwent back surgery at Marina Hospital.

Dwight Howard

Howard's ability to play effective basketball was severely affected.

Eric Chavez

Eric Chavez went to see Dr. Watkins at Marina Hospital.

Eric Milton

Eric Milton has undergone back surgery.

Fredrik Modin

Dr. Robert Watkins discovered Modin's fractures.

Henry T.

Our patient had a back procedure performed by Dr. Robert Watkins IV.

Hiroki Kuroda

Kuroda was told that he could worsen the injury.

Jason Paul

Jason Pierre-Paul underwent a herniated disc surgery.

Jeff Buckey

Buckey underwent surgery by Dr. Watkins on his lower back.

Jodi C.

No more pain in Jodi's lower back thanks to Dr. Watkins Jr.

Joe Crede

Crede had back surgery performed by Dr. Robert Watkins.

Joffrey Lupul

Joffrey Lupul underwent surgery to repair a herniated disc.

John Booty

The doctors said it was something they had to do.

John D.

"Zero pain after a triple laminectomy with Dr. Robert Watkins III."

John LeClair

There was a complete tear of the labrum.

John Lynch

John Lynch had a few neck injuries treated by Dr. Watkins.

John Martin

J. D. Martin had to repair a bulging disc in his lower back.

John Mobley

An X-ray showed bruise remains when Mobley was examined.

Johnny Holland

Johnny Holland had a consultation with Dr. Watkins.

Jonathan Q.

I had my herniated disc procedure performed by Dr. Watkins.

Jonathan Quick

Quick was plagued by back pain whenever he rested or sat down.

Josh Hamilton

Dr. Watkins administered epidural and cortisone shots to Hamilton.

Josh Willingham

Willingham traveled to LA to see renowned surgeon Robert Watkins.

Kelvin Bryant

Bryant was examined by Dr. Robert Watkins.

Kevin Brown

Brown was examined by back expert Dr. Robert Watkins.

Kevin Youkilis

Kevin Youkilis underwent back surgery.

Kyle Turley

I had worked with Dr. Robert Watkins before.

Mark Kotsay

Kotsay underwent back surgery at Marina Hospital.

Matt Hasselbeck

Hasselbeck visited Dr. Robert Watkins for a bulging disc.

Mike Richter

Dr. Watkins prescribed a strengthening program for Richter.

Mike Sweeney

Sweeney saw Dr. Watkins for his neck issues.

Nikolai Khabibulin

Khabibulin had a herniated disc repaired in Los Angeles.

Pedro Feliz

Pedro Feliz had a successful lumbar discectomy performed.

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning received back surgery at Marina Hospital.

Priest Holmes

Holmes has been treated by specialist Dr. Robert Watkins.

Rafael Furcal

Rafael Furcal had enough of the pain and setbacks.

Randy Johnson

Randy Johnson received his third surgical procedure.

Rob Gronkowski

Gronkowski underwent herniated disc surgery at Marina Hospital.

Rob N.

Successful spine surgery performed by Dr. Watkins Jr.

Sean Richardson

Dr. Robert Watkins performed surgery on Richardson.

Shane Doan

Doan gets a consultation from Marina Spine Center’s Dr. Watkins.

Shaun Cody

A herniated disc put Shaun Cody on the sidelines.

Shawn Andrews

Andrews’ surgery was performed by back specialist Dr. Watkins III.

Steve McNair

Steve thought that maybe he could get by without surgery.

Steve Trachsel

Trachsel underwent tests under the supervision of Dr. Watkins.

T. J. Ford

I'm feeling good. My body has recovered all the way.

Todd Helton

Todd Helton missed 62 games in a single season.

Tony Palmer

Dr. Robert Watkins operated on Tony Palmer.

Tracy McGrady

Tracy McGrady had a consultation with Dr. Robert Watkins.

Trevor Pryce

Trevor Pryce had surgery to remove a disc fragment.

Troy Percival

Troy Percival underwent back surgery at Marina Hospital.

Uwe Krupp

Krupp was diagnosed with a herniation in his spine.

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Weight Loss Patient Testimonials

Leo V.

Leo had gastric sleeve surgery at Marina Weight Management with Dr. Jeremy Korman.

Mark S.

Mark S. underwent gastric sleeve surgery with Dr. Jeremy Korman.

Markeisha B.

Markeisha had gastric sleeve surgery with Dr. Jeremy Korman.

General & Robotic Surgery Patient Testimonials

Darryl Sutter

Darryl Sutter credits the daVinci surgical procedure.

Kiva C.

Relief found by Kiva C. at Cedars-Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital.

Mary T.

The service provided at the Cedars-Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital was fantastic.

Cornelia G.

Cornelia had a laparoscopic surgery with Dr. Daniel Marcus.

Jeff D.

Jeff had his problems with hernia fixed by Dr. Daniel Marcus.

Cindy K.

Cindy had a successful hysterectomy performed by Dr. Ghozland.