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Scott L. Had Gastric Bypass Surgery with Dr. Jeremy Korman

The bariatric surgery has helped me rediscover how good being healthy feels and this motivates me to work continuously for my well-being.

Scott L.

An overwhelming weight of 403.5 pounds made me take the matter of my health seriously. Not being able to lose weight through traditional diets, in 2003 I decided to have Roux-En-Y gastric bypass, a surgery that has greatly improved my physical and mental wellness. Today, I weigh 231.5 pounds. It has been a long and tough journey but I would probably be dead now if I hadn't had the courage to make a change in my life. Being overweight for a long time made me forget how my life used to be when I was at a normal weight. The bariatric surgery has helped me rediscover how good being healthy feels and this feeling in itself motivates me enough to work continuously for my well-being. Deciding to undergo weight loss procedures involves a lot of effort, discipline and a commitment to yourself to change your lifestyle and your attitude towards food.

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Lena B.

Dr. Korman and I decided on a gastric bypass, and it went great.

Marie H.

I had a successful weight loss surgery performed by Dr. Korman.

Ken F.

"It took a lifetime of obesity before I decided to have the surgery."


Since her Gastric Bypass surgery CJ’s friendship with food changed.

Kimberly M.

The lap band surgery has completely changed Kimberly’s life.

Hua K.

Hua had a lap-band surgery at Marina del Rey Hospital and lost 98 lbs.

Katherine H.

Katherine underwent a lap band surgery with Dr. Jeremy Korman.

Rosalie N.

Being embarrassed by her weight, Rosalie had a Gastric Bypass.

Edward S.

Edward had a gastric bypass surgery and managed to lose 161 lbs.

Marinna L.

Marinna lost weight with LAP-BAND surgery at Marina del Rey Hospital.

Mark G.

Mark was 330 lbs and made the decision to have Gastric Bypass.

Nikki M.

Nikki had a surgery 7 years ago and has kept her weight loss.