Nita S. Had Gastric Bypass Surgery with Dr. Jeremy Korman

Back in 2017, when I came to Marina Weight Loss Center I was actually suffering from a few diseases, and they were all related to my weight.

Nita S.

I had gastric bypass surgery with Dr. Korman. I love not being unnecessarily sick anymore. I sleep like an infant, I stopped taking medication for diabetes and hypertension because I don’t suffer from them anymore. I’m a new person. Getting rid of all that extra weight transformed my life drastically. I feel like everything is easier and more enjoyable. Simple daily routines used to exhaust me, not to mention ruin my self-esteem, but now I can clean the house and I can go shopping and I feel great. For me, this was the best decision I’ve made for myself. It gets difficult at times, of course, especially for someone with a sweet tooth like myself, but the team at Marina Hospital taught me to replace the foods that I usually went for with healthy snacks like my favorite fruits. It’s challenging, but it’s worth the work.

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Since her Gastric Bypass surgery CJ’s friendship with food changed.

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