Mark G. Had Gastric Bypass Surgery with Dr. Jeremy Korman

I was about 330 lbs for many years. At one point I decided that I needed to do something that will bring permanent changes, something that will address my weight issues in an effective way.

Mark G.

In August 2006, I had gastric bypass surgery at Cedars-Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital. It was a long time coming. I have been struggling with my weight and food for my entire life and when you do something for such a long time you kind of give in and try to make the best of it instead of trying to conquer it. I’m really glad I’ve had it in me to give it a shot and simply see what would happen. The thing is I didn’t have anything to lose, but I had a lot to gain. For the bigger part of my life, I weighed 330 pounds. To have waited as long as I have feels crazy now. I clearly was in need of professional help. I sleep better now, I don’t grunt in pain with every little move I make, I can say I feel normal. I tried to go about the issue of weight in many ways, but they were unsuccessful so in order to the stream of disappointments I knew that a more harsh solution was needed. That’s what Dr. Korman gave to me.

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