The Colone's Had Gastric Sleeve Surgery with Dr.

I'm looking forward to a totally different life. Thanks, Mom, for taking the lead - our whole family's going to be happier.

The Colone's

Michael Feiz, recently had the once-in-a-lifetime chance to help a whole family improve their health. Crystal Colone, the mother of two daughters, underwent lap band surgery in 2006. Unfortunately, it was no longer working as it should, and her weight was starting to rise again. Her daughters, Candra (19) and Clarissa (20), had their own struggles with obesity. Candra was 221 pounds at 5-foot-2, and Clarissa was 228 pounds at 5-foot-5. Both suffered from high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease). The trio chose to have gastric sleeve surgery with Dr. Feiz, and their lives were, simply, transformed. Their lives were, simply, transformed and their story was so inspiring that it was featured on an episode of The Doctors.

Crystal's Story

"Even though I already had surgery, I was watching all my hard work just fade away. I was desperate for a solution that would help me get my life back. Five months after surgery, I'm down ninety pounds from my highest ever weight. I'm happy with my physique, and most of all I'm happy that my health has improved. Before, my back and my joints were keeping me from standing up for more than a half hour. Now, I've ditched the painkillers, and all my pain has gone away. I'm feeling more confident. I have more energy. My doctors tell me I'm in good shape. I've started dating again. And best of all, my daughters have told me that they're inspired to make their own lives healthier and happier, and that's the best result I could have had."

Clarissa's Story

"Before surgery, I was pre-diabetic. My joints hurt. I had breathing problems - asthma and sleep apnea - that bothered me day and night. In school, kids would cause problems, and I didn't know how to react, so I got in trouble. I weighed 228, and I'm about medium height, so that was definitely too much - it was hurting my health in general, and things were getting worse. Now, I'm around 150, and I'm still losing weight. I'm in a relationship, and my boyfriend is really supportive. The sleep apnea is gone and my asthma is much better - I can breathe again! I'm not tired because of bad sleep, and my blood sugar is normal, too."

Candra's Story

"My back was killing me, and the pain medications I was always taking weren't a good solution. I had sleep apnea and high blood pressure, and I couldn't walk more than ten minutes at a time without trouble breathing and pain all over my body. The worst, though, was the depression and the insecurity. I wound up spending junior and senior year in home school because the pain of facing everyone at school was so bad, I couldn't bring myself to go. I weigh 60 pounds less now, and I don't have problems walking. In fact, I don't have problems running. No pain at all - physical or emotional. The sleep apnea is gone. The blood sugar is normal. I don't feel the need to turn to food whenever I'm upset, because I'm learning ways to cope. In the meantime, I'm so grateful for what I've accomplished, and to Dr. Feiz for helping me get there."

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