Brenda C. Had Sleeve Gastrectomy with Dr. Sergey Lyass

Best decision ever! It has taken massive effort and time to do what I have done, but life is so much better than I ever could have possibly imagined. I credit my children for inspiring me to change my life and now I have a lot of gratitude and love for life. I got this!

Brenda C.

I had a sleeve gastrectomy procedure with Dr. Lyass in June of 2017. After the surgery, I followed a very specific and structured diet and exercise routine which gave me the ability to lose 135 lbs., 50% of my body weight, in a year and keep it off. The best part about my weight loss journey is the fact that, currently, I have a new lifestyle. And I am grateful to everyone who helped me get my life back better than ever and be inspired every day to eat healthily and work out. I still have to do my best to avoid social pressures and to help those I love to understand and accept the new version of me. I have become more self-focused, investing effort and time to follow my diet and exercise routine, which is a huge change for me and difficult adjustment for others. But, my three children are my motivation. I want to stay alive, healthy and physically fit to help and inspire them. And I want to give myself a new beginning and chance for a better life. I wish I'd asked for and got help sooner. And that is what I can recommend to others considering weight loss surgery: Do it as soon as possible. You will never regret it, you'll only regret it if you wait.

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