Jonathan Q. Had Lumbar Microdiscectomy with Dr. Robert Watkins IV

I was in a lot of pain so when Dr. Watkins IV told me that I needed surgery I was not surprised at all. I was actually kind of excited at the thought that he will only make me feel better. The consultation and the surgery happened relatively fast. Very professional, indeed.

Jonathan Q.

I guess I was not even aware that I had that bad of an injury. You get hurt a lot when you do what I do and you kind of learn to sweep it under the rug most of the times if you’re still standing. But this time around the pain was really getting to me to the point of bothering me even if I only sat down to rest. That’s when you sound the alarms, I think, when you’re not really doing anything and yet you suffer from some bad pains.

The doctor of the team introduced me to Dr. Robert Watkins IV and I had a consultation scheduled. Dr. Watkins was pretty fast in coming up with a diagnosis. He told me that a herniated disc pinched my sciatic nerve, so that was where the unbearable pain was coming from. Dr. Watkins soon after performed surgery to correct the issue and then helped me pull through the recovery.

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