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Marina Women's Minimally Invasive Surgery Institute (MISI)

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At Marina del Rey Hospital, our doctors are dedicated to providing clinical excellence and are always engaged in additional training in order to remain abreast of cutting edge technology and latest medical research. Through mutual trust, communication and through exchanging ideas and information, our surgeons are able to provide compassionate care to women of all ages by using innovative technology in a warm and caring environment.

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Our expert surgeons are leading the way in individualized, quality care for women.

When female patients suffering from severe gynecological conditions find that medication is no longer an option to relieve the symptoms of their disease, they usually opt for surgery, an often very effective treatment option.

Marina del Rey’s Women’s Minimally Invasive Surgery Institute (MISI) is the largest dedicated women’s health practice in the Los Angeles area, staffed by people dedicated to offering the most advanced women’s health care available. Our highly skilled health care professionals are devoted to addressing the individual needs and demands of our female patients. Each of our staff members has years of experience and demonstrate professionalism and expertise at every level. We aim to provide piece of mind to our patients and you can rest assured knowing that we will be at your side and helping you take every step to a happier and healthier life.

  • Jamie Lipeles MD Gynecologic Surgeon, Women's Health See Profile
  • Karyn Eilber, M.D. Female Urologist, Women's Health See Profile

Healthcare Services For Women in Los Angeles County

At MISI, we offer a full range of obstetrics and gynecology services. Among other services, our surgeons provide treatment options for:

  • adenomyosis
  • cervical cancer
  • endometriosis
  • uterine cancer
  • uterine fibrosis
  • ovarian cancer

From your initial consultation, to childbirth and through menopause and beyond, the staff at MISI works with a single goal in mind: offering patient-centered medical care. We are aware that women have unique needs or issues that require special focus and delicate treatment in some cases. Therefore, we put great emphasis on educating our patients by understanding the differences between health care needs of women and men and providing our patients with sufficient and easy-to-understand information in order to make educated health care decisions.

Women's Services and Programs at Marina del Rey Hospital

Marina del Rey Hospital offers minimally invasive treatments for women of all ages through its laparoscopic and advanced robotic surgery programs. These options require only small incisions, resulting in less pain and scarring and quicker recovery times than traditional methods.

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Affects 20-65% of women and is associated with a past history of childbirth. Women between 40-50 years of age are most commonly affected.

Cervical Cancer
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More than 12,000 cases of invasive cervical cancer were expected to be diagnosed in 2012. The primary cause is infection with human papillomavirus (HPV), which can be detected with a routine Pap screening.

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More than 5 million women are affected by endometriosis.

Uterine Cancer
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In 2008, more than 43,000 women in the United States were diagnosed with uterine cancer, which primarily affects women going through or who have already gone through menopause.

Uterine Fibrosis
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20-80% of women develop fibroids by the time they reach age 50.

Ovarian Cancer
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Each year, about 20,000 women in the United States get ovarian cancer. Treatment is most effective when it is found in its early stages.

We Play an Active Role in Our Community

Through general lectures and events for patients and residents, seminars for therapists, and meetings with doctors and staff. Register for a seminar or join us for a special event at Marina Del Rey Hospital.

Frequently Asked Questions

This procedure does not affect your ovaries or ovulation.

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Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (ibuprofen, naproxen etc.) and narcotic analgesics can eliminate the discomfort caused by ovarian cysts. Although oral contraceptives cannot treat preexistent cysts, such medication has been proved to prevent their development and reocurrence.

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Hysterectomy is often performed in women who are very overweight. If you are having health problems that may require this procedure, and you are concerned that your weight will affect the outcome, ask your doctor about possible ways to mitigate any risk.

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Recent data show that endometriosis is a condition that occurs in 6-10 % of the women of reproductive age - approximately 6 million women in the U.S. The average age for endometriosis cases was thought to be around 30-40 years of age.

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Hormone replacement therapy is generally covered by your medical insurance.

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