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Here you will have direct access to comprehensive inpatient and outpatient surgical services, general acute medical services, and 24/7 emergency care, all in one convenient location. Our compassionate medical professionals deliver the highest levels of expert care with a personalized approach that takes each unique patient situation into consideration. This patient-focused approach emphasizes a high degree of physician involvement, which in turn creates a greater level of patient awareness and participation in their own care process. Our goal is for every patient to feel satisfied with the expert care and attention they receive, and experience a successful outcome.

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When you choose Marina Del Rey Hospital, you are choosing exceptional care from dedicated medical experts committed to making your life better. If your goal is to live with less pain, or lose the extra weight that's slowing you down, we can help you every step of the way. Whether you’re looking for a healthier lifestyle, or you simply want to get back to enjoying life again, we’re close by and ready to help.

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