Plastic Surgery after Weight Loss

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Let’s say you’ve had your bariatric surgery procedure, you’ve started exercising often and eating healthily, you’ve watched as the pounds came off, and now you’re close to your goal weight — or maybe you’ve already reached it. Thanks to the surgery, which has helped you progress with your diet and workout regimen, you’re probably feeling much fitter, more energetic, and more satisfied with your appearance than before, and you deserve congratulations for achieving your goal through dedication and hard work!

But sometimes, losing large amounts of weight rapidly can have consequences for the appearance of the skin. When we carry large amounts of extra fat beneath our skin, the skin has to stretch to accommodate it, but when that fat disappears, it can be hard for all that tissue to shrink back into place. As a result, people who have lost a lot of weight sometimes have excess skin and fatty tissue. These people are often displeased with the appearance of the excess tissue and saggy skin, and the tissue can also be uncomfortable. Unfortunately, counting calories more strictly and walking more miles doesn’t make the loose skin go away.

This is why many patients undergo plastic surgery to remove the tissue left behind when they lose large amounts of fat very quickly after weight loss surgery.

Benefits of Plastic Surgery Combined with Weight Loss

Weight loss surgery is a powerful tool to help obese people reduce their body fat percentage. After the results are realized, surgery patients often feel accomplished, more energetic, and more satisfied with their appearance.

Also, if your weight loss has been particularly extreme, your extra skin and tissue may weigh a considerable amount. The real difference is made through your diet and exercise, but the several pounds you may lose after having your extra tissue removed may more accurately reflect your post-surgical state of fitness and body composition.

If you’d like to see the benefits of plastic surgery following radical weight loss, please consult these before and after pictures.

Plastic Surgeon at the Marina Weight Management Center in Los Angeles!

David Stoker, MD

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Dr. David Stoker is the plastic surgeon at the Marina Weight Management Center.

He is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery as a specialist in cosmetic surgery on the face, body, and breasts, and the New York Times’s Style magazine has named him as one of the top plastic surgeons in the nation, mentioning his tummy tuck and liposuction procedures in particular.

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