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Before & After Weight Loss Surgery

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According to patients who have experienced it, life is changed by bariatric surgery, before and after. The most important, obvious lifestyle changes are diet and exercise.

What To Expect Before Weight Loss Surgery

Before surgery, you will consult with your doctor at Marina Weight Loss in greater Los Angeles. Together, you will explore your weight loss goals and medical history. Surgery is a dependable way for qualified patients to achieve sustained weight loss, but you should have exhausted other diet and exercise options and expended effort to lose weight before considering surgery.

If surgery is recommended, we will work with you:

  • to confirm insurance benefits and
  • to obtain an approval from your health insurer.

If your insurance company does not provide coverage, we can provide affordable financing options to help you cover the costs of surgery.

Once the operation is scheduled, you will begin preparing for the diet and lifestyle changes that come with bariatric surgery. You may also want to discuss the possibility of plastic surgery before you begin the process: some patients have extra skin after the fat underneath has disappeared, and cosmetic procedures exist to fix this problem.

Prepare Mentally for Weight Loss Surgery

You will also have a conversation with our clinical psychologist. This ensures that, whichever of the available bariatric surgeries you choose — the most popular in Los Angeles is lap band surgery, though we offer alternatives that may be better suited to you — you are approaching weight loss surgery with an understanding of the benefits, risks, and necessary life changes.

You should take this opportunity to discuss support groups, as well — support groups are a powerful tool in coping with post-surgery changes and making sure you achieve optimal results that last.

What To Expect After Weight Loss Surgery

  • Your eating habits will change dramatically.
  • Weight loss surgery means you will not be able to eat as much, and you may react badly to certain foods.
  • You will need to pay close attention to the nutrition value of the food you eat, making sure you get enough protein and vitamins.
  • You will also be required to exercise more than you are likely used to, and more often. But you will likely lose a lot of excess weight quite rapidly immediately after surgery.

Over time, activities will become easier and you should become more energetic, and the symptoms of any obesity-related medical problems may lessen or go away altogether. The benefits are worth the trouble.

Dieting After Weight Loss Surgery

Marina Hospital's bariatric program in Los Angeles includes a staff dietitian who's role is to assess the nutritional needs of each patient, then to develop a nutrition plan that will help our client effectively and healthily achieve their goals for improved health and weight loss. Each patient will have a weight loss surgery diet plan personalized to their needs. Still, some general guidelines apply.

Right after surgery, you will be placed on a liquid diet. Over the following days or weeks, you will gradually transition back to solid foods.

Over time, weight management surgery works primarily by helping the patient control his or her food intake. Some surgeries go further, preventing the body from absorbing all the calories it takes in; this is accomplished with gastric bypass surgery. After your surgery, our staff will provide you with dietary requirements that you must follow for the operation to work as it should.

To arrive at an optimal post-surgery weight while maintaining adequate nutrition, you will have to favor protein when you eat. You should also prioritize fresh fruits and vegetables, cooked in a low-fat way if possible (for example, steaming rather than sautéing in butter).

Workout Plans After Weight Loss Surgery

Our physical therapist at the bariatric program at Cedars-Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital helps weight loss surgery patients in Los Angeles with motion and mobility before surgery, so that after surgery they can lead an active, healthy lifestyle. She also assists patients in creating customized exercise plans to help them meet their goals for improved health and sustained weight loss.

In general, your exercise habits should begin before surgery. Before leaving the hospital, you will be required to move around a little. Afterward, you will begin by walking around the house several times per day, and then you will embark on a progressively more active exercise regimen, to be decided upon with your doctor. Cardiovascular exercise is important, as it burns calories stored in fat and promotes weight loss.

IMPORTANT: Always consult your doctor or a qualified health professional before increasing exercise or starting a new exercise plan, especially if you have any health conditions, such as cardiovascular problems, that are related to obesity.

Weight Loss Surgery Patients

Many patients in Los Angeles have experienced success at Marina Weight Loss. You could be out next Success Story. Read stories, see photos and watch videos of Cedars-Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital patients. If you are a Marina Weight Loss patient who would like your story featured on our website, fill out our contact us form and someone will contact you shortly.

Lena B.

Dr. Korman and I decided on a gastric bypass, and it went great.

Marie H.

I had a successful weight loss surgery performed by Dr. Korman.

Ken F.

"It took a lifetime of obesity before I decided to have the surgery."


Since her Gastric Bypass surgery CJ’s friendship with food changed.

Kimberly M.

The lap band surgery has completely changed Kimberly’s life.

Hua K.

Hua had a lap-band surgery at Cedars-Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital and lost 98 lbs.

Katherine H.

Katherine underwent a lap band surgery with Dr. Jeremy Korman.

Rosalie N.

Being embarrassed by her weight, Rosalie had a Gastric Bypass.

Edward S.

Edward had a gastric bypass surgery and managed to lose 161 lbs.

Marinna L.

Marinna lost weight with LAP-BAND surgery at Cedars-Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital.

Mark G.

Mark was 330 lbs and made the decision to have Gastric Bypass.

Nikki M.

Nikki had a surgery 7 years ago and has kept her weight loss.

Sandra O.

Sandra is going into her fourth-year post-op and is continuing to lose weight.

Scott T.

Scott lost 100 pounds in 100 days! Since then, his life has been amazing.

Rachel N.

Rachel is happy, she lost 40 lbs in 6 weeks with gastric bypass surgery.

Patricia P.

Patricia P. underwent gastric sleeve procedure with Dr. Korman.

Cindy O.

Cindy underwent sleeve gastrectomy performed by Dr. Misra.

Michelle B.

Michelle underwent sleeve gastrectomy at Marina Weight Loss.

Tania B.

Tania underwent sleeve gastrectomy with Dr. Jeremy Korman.

Scott L.

Scott underwent gastric bypass surgery and Marina Weight Loss.

Marie L

Marie had sleeve gastrectomy with Dr. Korman.

Diana D.

Diana had lap band surgery at Marina Weight Loss with Dr. Korman.

Sebastian G.

Sebastian underwent sleeve gastrectomy at Marina Weight Loss Center.

Mark S.

Mark S. underwent gastric sleeve surgery with Dr. Jeremy Korman.

Markeisha B.

Markeisha had gastric sleeve surgery with Dr. Jeremy Korman.

Leo V.

Leo had gastric sleeve surgery at Marina Weight Loss with Dr. Jeremy Korman.

Carol Ann T.

Carol Ann underwent sleeve gastrectomy performed by Dr. Korman.

Nita S.

Nita had gastric bypass surgery with Dr. Korman.

Tarisha A.

Tarisha had sleeve gastrectomy with Dr. Misra in 2016.

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Brenda had a sleeve gastrectomy procedure with Dr. Lyass.

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Jodi had a band to sleeve procedure

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Angela M. had sleeve gastrectomy with Dr. Lyass.