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Will I regain weight if the ORBERA balloon is removed?

It is possible to regain weight after any bariatric procedure. This can also occur after the ORBERA balloon is removed.

Your doctor will tell you more about the benefits and potential risks related to this procedure. Like any other bariatric intervention, the ORBERA intragastric balloon system involves some postoperative restriction. If you thoroughly follow your dietary guidelines and you maintain an active lifestyle, you will be able to enjoy the weight benefits of the Orbera balloon even after removal.

The ORBERA intragastric balloon is an excellent option for those who are struggling to lose weight but exercise and dietary restrictions don't have the expected results. This non-surgical, non-invasive and non-permanent treatment helps patients to lose weight with this life-changing program that will provide not only positive results to your health but also helps you to adopt healthy lifestyle changes.

Successful weight loss using Orbera balloon depends on:

  • the skill and experience of the doctor
  • the quality of the balloon
  • the informed, active and sustained participation of the patient

Proactive participation is the key

Successful weight loss after the Orbera balloon is removed, depends on the proactive participation of the patient.

Clinical studies have shown that keeping the recommended diet and exercise, patients maintain weight loss. Be perseverant, stick to your lifestyle changes to ensure the success of this procedure.

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