When is a wrist reconstruction surgery recommended?

Wrist reconstruction surgery may be required on patients that suffer from an arthritic condition that caused the cartilage to be worn away, or after a traumatic injury or disease. Your doctor will help you determine if wrist reconstructive surgery is the best procedure for you.

Surgery may be an option if your wrist cartilage is damaged or worn away by infection, disease, or injury

If the prescribed non-operative treatment options fail to provide relief, then surgery is generally considered. There are several surgical options; which operation is better depends on which bones are involved.

Correction of deformities that people with rheumatoid arthritis developed with their joints, bones, and other structures in their hands or wrist, is the primary goal of reconstruction wrist surgery. Other benefits include:

  • relieve pain and inflammation
  • improve mobility and function
  • better-looking appearance of hands and wrists

The wrist itself is made up of many small bones that are connected with tough tissue known as ligaments. Due to this complex structure, the optimal surgical approach will vary depending on a number of different factors including the extent of the damage, as well as your preferences.

If your wrist pain is interfering with your functionality or quality of life, surgery may be the answer. The experts at the Cedars-Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital have a wealth of experience diagnosing and treating hand and wrist conditions and injuries. They can treat you using state-of-the-art non-surgical and surgical treatments.

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