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What is the prognosis for an MCL injury?

In most cases, the prognosis is favorable regardless of whether surgery is needed or not.

The final outcome of an MCL injury is generally good whether surgery is performed or not. The recovery period depends on how severe your MCL injury is. The MCL tear responds very well to conservative treatment including a period rest, bracing, and physical therapy, although surgical treatment will be advised in rare cases.

As grade 1 MCL tears are minor, these heal within a few days to a week and a half. Grade 2 injuries may need two to four weeks to heal. Being the most severe, grade 3 injuries require the highest time to recover. It usually takes four to eight weeks for grade 3 MCL tears to heal. In cases where the injured ligament does not heal properly, joint instability may develop, which in turn increases the susceptibility to re-injury. Once there is complete healing of MCL tear, long-term effects will be very less, provided there is no further damage to the knee.

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