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What is ear reconstruction?

Ear reconstruction refers to all operations used to treat ear deformities.

Ear reconstruction is considered one of the most challenging reconstructive surgery procedures and requires practice and experience.  It is a form of surgery that can build or rebuild an ear using either rib cartilage or synthetic materials.

The Purpose of Ear Reconstruction

With ear reconstruction techniques, surgeons can create an ear shape that resembles a normal ear as accurately as possible. However, restoring function isn’t always possible if the injuries are too severe.

This type of procedure is requested by two groups of patients:

  • those who have an underdeveloped ear at birth - microtia 
  • those who have lost a normal ear through cancer surgery, trauma or disease

The methods adopted by the surgeons depend on the patients’ age, the grade of microtia or ear damage, the quality of the skin, and of the cartilages. In addition to the current clinical methods, in the future, the area of tissue engineering probably will find new, advanced techniques for ear reconstruction that could become part of the common clinical practice.

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