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What is a facial trauma reconstruction?

The goal of this procedure is to correct facial fractures or lacerations resulted from vehicle accidents, fights, athletic accidents, animal attacks, etc.

Facial trauma reconstruction surgery is a procedure done to correct the damage caused by injuries to the face, head, and neck region. Most facial injuries are a result of a sports mishap, car accidents, workplace injury, or any act of violence. The most common type of facial trauma is a fracture, which may involve the lower jaw, palate, upper jaw, and cheekbones. These are often treated by fracture reduction and immobilization for six to eight weeks until the broken bones heal. Depending on the type of injury, multiple reconstructive procedures will be performed in order to achieve ideal results. Some of the complex cases may need a team approach, which involves contributions from specialists such as ophthalmologists, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists.

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