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What are the treatment options available for ankle arthritis?

Some of the treatment options available for ankle arthritis involve anti-inflammatory medications, ankle braces, steroid injections, orthotic devices, physical therapy, prolotherapy or super-pulse laser therapy.

Ankle arthritis is a painful condition that involves wear and tear of the cartilage causing the bones to come in contact. Pain occurs during activity or after a period of rest. Initially, pain can be relieved by taking anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen. Gradually, when pain may become severe and throbbing, other conservative treatment methods such as the use of ankle brace for support, injection of a steroid directly into the ankle joint to suppress the inflammation, and custom orthotic devices for stabilization of the foot and ankle may be considered.

Additionally, more advanced forms of conservative therapy are available. These include physical therapy, prolotherapy, and super-pulse laser therapy. Prolotherapy is introducing natural substances into the injured ligaments, tendons, and joints in order to initiate a natural healing response. It intends to heal injuries and pain permanently by repairing the injured tissues. Most patients with ankle arthritis do not require surgical treatment as there are several conservative treatment options that can alleviate ankle pain.

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