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What are fungal infections, and what care do they need?

Fungal infections may cause minor skin rashes, lung infection (aspergillosis) and even serious conditions such as meningitis.

The majority of the fungal infections are treated with short-term oral medications and direct application of antifungal creams. Long-term oral medications may be advised if the fungal infection spreads into the bloodstream.

People inhale spores of fungi every day without contracting a fungal infection. Individuals with a weak immune system, either because of a medical condition or treatments, are susceptible to fungal infections.

As fungi are ubiquitous and are found in air, water, and soil, it becomes difficult to prevent fungal infections. Careful handling of soil and animal droppings while gardening or farming is essential to decrease the risk of fungal infections.

Some types of fungi are natural inhabitants of our body, but if these outgrow in number and multiply fast, a yeast infection may result.

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