Should I worry if I bleed after cecectomy?

Any intervention poses some risks, and cecectomy is no exception. Your doctor will let you know what signs should worry you after being discharged and what you should expect.

An experienced colorectal surgeon typically performs the procedure laparoscopically, only through small incisions. Cecectomy involves removing the cancerous part of the colon, another small piece on each side, and nearby lymph nodes, if necessary.

This minimally invasive surgery is safe, and complications rarely ensue. However, bleeding is possible but only troublesome when accompanied by other symptoms.

Cecectomy postoperative bleeding

It is not uncommon to experience some bleeding following cecectomy, especially if a biopsy was also necessary. If the bleeding is limited, you should not worry.

This type of bleeding should subside without intervention. You should only be concerned if it is accompanied by other signs, like:

  • dizziness
  • lightheadedness

Call your doctor if your bleeding persists and is followed by additional symptoms.

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