Is it necessary to reduce your activity after a congenital cardiac surgery?

Yes, activity restrictions will be needed after a congenital cardiac surgery and your surgeon will instruct you regarding the activities that are appropriate for the nature of your defect and the surgery you have undergone.

Generally, children after undergoing a congenital cardiac surgery need to limit their activities during the first few weeks so that their body gets enough time to recover and heal properly. Your surgeon will guide you through the activities that are safe during the recovery period and timelines you need to consider while returning to routine activities. Here are some guidelines that help you understand about activity restrictions:

  • Avoid activities such as contact sports, physical education, playing on slides and swings that are likely to cause injury to the chest
  • Avoid activities that involve vigorous arm movements, for example, crawling, lifting heavy things until at least 6 weeks postoperatively
  • Avoid lifting your child under the arms, as it can cause the stretching of the incision and pain, instead, support the bottom and back while lifting.
  • Children may return to school after two weeks of their surgery.
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