How will I feel following spermatocelectomy?

You will experience some degree of discomfort after the surgery due to the swelling.

If your spermatocele has enlarged enough to cause pain or discomfort, you might need to have a surgical procedure during which the sperm-filled cyst, or spermatocele, is removed from the scrotum though there is a risk for complications that may affect fertility. However, before you agree to have a spermatocelectomy, your doctor will explain to you in detail how this intervention is performed and what its benefits, risks, and side effects are.

What to expect after spermatocelectomy

  • You will have stitches in your scrotum, and you may have a drain in the scrotum as well
  • Mild testicular swelling, bruising, or pain on the same side that the surgery was performed; this is quite typical and may last 4 to 6 weeks following spermatocelectomy
  • Blood in the urine or feel some burning upon urination for 1-3 days following your surgery
  • You might also experience pain for one or two days after the surgery, but we will give you the necessary medication to manage it

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