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How is the control of diabetes and blood pressure linked to kidney functions?

If you have diabetes or high blood pressure along with chronic kidney disease, you may experience serious health complications if the conditions are not properly kept under control.

Diabetes causes the levels of blood sugar to be too high in a person who struggles with it, while high blood pressure occurs when the force of the blood which goes through your arteries is too strong. Both conditions may worsen or cause chronic kidney disease, as high levels of blood sugar will damage blood vessels and thereby affect the filtration capacity of your kidneys, whereas high blood pressure will constrict and narrow blood vessels, including those in your kidneys. Therefore, it is crucial to keep diabetes and high blood pressure under control if you struggle with chronic kidney disease.

However, medication for diabetes, such as insulin and metformin, as well as decongestants, which are used in the treatment of high blood pressure, take a great toll on your kidneys and are not recommended to people who suffer from chronic kidney disease. Consequently, diabetes and high blood pressure need to be controlled in other ways, such as changing your diet, losing weight if you are overweight or obese, regular exercise, limiting the amount of alcohol you drink, quitting smoking, consuming less caffeine, reducing stress and regularly monitoring your blood sugar levels and blood pressure under the supervision of a medical professional.

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