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Can a brain aneurysm be treated?

Yes, there are two main treatment options available for brain aneurysm: surgical treatment and endovascular therapy.

The objective of brain aneurysm treatment is the prevention of further bleeding by conservation of the artery from which aneurysm arises.

  • Surgical treatment: This involves placing a metal clip across the base of the dilated balloon-like aneurysm. This is a standard treatment option, and its rate of success is excellent. There have been tremendous improvements in surgical techniques used to repair brain aneurysms in the past two decades. Microsurgical clipping has been undertaken with very minimal risk. In some conditions, more sophisticated surgical techniques such as vascular bypass grafting are required for safe clipping. In this procedure, a vein is removed from the leg and hooked between a neck artery and an artery in the brain.
  • Endovascular therapy: This is an alternate choice to microsurgical clipping. Endovascular treatment involves the placement of a small tube through a groin artery. The tube is then passed up into the neck arteries. One smaller tube is guided through the first tube. Small coils made of platinum are passed into the aneurysm, which block the ballooned portions of the artery and cause the clotting of the aneurysm.

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