Am I allowed to move right after the artificial disc replacement surgery?

Your doctor will tell you when it is safe to start moving after the surgery and what activities you can engage in after you return home.

After the artificial disc replacement procedure, you are encouraged to start moving as soon as you feel able to do so. You will probably be moving around hours after the intervention, and you will be allowed to walk daily after you return home. Keeping mobile is not a risk factor unless you perform strenuous activities that might impair the surgery’s outcome.

Before you are discharged, your doctor will tell you what types of activities are safe for each stage of your recovery.

Your doctor will understand how your recovery is going at your follow-up appointment and based on this conclusion, some of the activity restrictions will be gradually eliminated.

Movement restrictions following an artificial disc replacement procedure

In the first week after surgery, patients are typically advised to rest and relax. Therefore, certain activities should be limited or entirely avoided right after an artificial disc replacement procedure, as follows:

  • sudden and excessive neck movements
  • driving
  • heavy lifting
  • bathing, swimming, or any activity that might expose the incision to infections
  • physical activities (running, biking, and other sports)

Brief, frequent walks and stretches are indicated for exercise and proper digestion.

Restrictions depend on the body’s ability to heal and medical recommendations. Respecting the indications of your neurosurgeon is the surest way to a swift and complete recovery.

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