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Our patients’ health is the most important thing to us. Be it a child or an adult, we will make sure the best treatments possible are available to them. Armed with extensive knowledge and top of the line equipment, our surgeons at Marina del Ray Hospital will make sure that the Ross Procedure is done in a safe environment and will do nothing but improve your quality of life.

The heart has four valves, and their role is to allow blood to flow in only one direction. The aortic valve has the role to stop blood from coming back into the left ventricle. The pulmonary valve has a similar role, but concerning the right ventricle and the pulmonary artery. Unfortunately, mostly in children, malformations or diseases weaken the aortic valve and this in turn has the risk of causing heart failure.

In this scenario, surgeons are recommended to use the Ross procedure. The way this surgery works is that the aortic valve is taken out and replaced by the patient’s own pulmonary valve and the former is substituted by a donor.

The anesthesiologist puts the patient under general anesthesia. After this, the surgeon makes an incision on the chest and breaks the chest bones to be able to work with the heart. Over this entire procedure, a lung-heart bypass machine is used to help with the blood flow in the body. The aortic valve is carefully cut and replaced by the patient’s pulmonary valve. Then, another pulmonary valve coming from a donor is put in its place. When the replacement is done, the bypass machine is turned off and the heart is restarted. The doctor then closes the chest bones and stitches the skin. This surgery is mostly performed on infants and children.

There are many benefits to this surgery. Some of them are:

  1. It reduces chest pain, fatigue and shortness of breath
  2. The pulmonary valve grows with the patient, presenting no disability to him
  3. It reduces the risk of a heart failure
  4. Decreased need for blood thinners or another type of heart medication

The recovery time for the Ross procedure is similar to other types of open-heart surgeries. The patient will have to remain in the intensive care unit for 1-2 days. After this, he/she will be transferred to the Surgery Unit to remain in the hospital for 5 to 7 days to monitor their vital signs. Patients fully recover from this procedure after approximately 6 months.

Even though this is a major surgery, it has no special risks attached to it. The wound can get infected and there can be some local bleeding.

The Ross procedure has saved numerous lives, children and adults alike. All of our surgeons know how to perform it perfectly to ensure the safety of our patients. If you or your children have heart problems, call us today at 888.600.5600 and let us help you!

Frequently Asked Questions About Ross Procedure

The main advantage of the Ross procedure is that swapping the patient's aortic valve with their own pulmonary valve rather than a homograft or mechanical valve leads to better blood flow through the heart and to superior durability.

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The Ross procedure is usually a successful procedure that yields favorable long-term results.

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The Ross procedure is a very effective treatment solution for a damaged aortic valve because the pulmonary valve is under less stress and therefore a replacement valve in this position has a far greater chance of succeeding.

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The patient will be moved to the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit.

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